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Specializing in Legal Research & Writing, Policy Development and Advocacy.






Provide to attorneys in-depth legal research on critical legal issues to support trial litigation, appeals and other needs.



Provide to attorneys drafts of pre-trial and trial motions, sentencing memoranda, appellate briefs and other civil pleadings.



Assist individuals in navigating executive branch bureaucracies.  Specialize in prisoner advocacy.



Analyze existing social/legal policies to identify critical client issues and develop policy alternatives.




Core Legal Support services are precisely that:  CORE.  Our work cuts to the chase, identifies the nub of an issue, and parses it out efficiently, without wasting your time and resources on extraneous material.  When a client receives core analysis, that party is able to assess options and develop positions confidently, with a greater chance of ultimate success.


Core Legal Support focuses on criminal defense and related habeas but can also support civil litigation as well, including labor and civil rights, commercial and constitutional law.

Prisoner and inmate advocacy is a key part of the Core Legal Services mission.  We work to give voice to those who have lost theirs inside the black abyss that is the modern American penal system.



My name is Theresa Squillacote. I am a currently unlicensed attorney.  I spent 18 years inside federal prison on espionage-related charges, arising from an undercover agent pretending to be from Nelson Mandela's new government and prior contact with the former East Germany.  I regret my past conduct but believe with the passage of time and significant rehabilitation efforts I am able to offer reliable, comprehensive professional services.

I was born in Chicago in 1957.  We moved up to Milwaukee in 1964 because of my father's career with the National Labor Relations Board.  I grew up in Milwaukee, and attended college in the University of Wisconsin system.

My background is one of social activism.  My parents were very active in social justice and civil rights activities. My father formed a group in Chicago called "Home Opportunities Made Equal," or HOME, which worked to obtain mortgages for black families to enable them to move into red-lined, white neighborhoods.


I now have a research and consulting business (not providing legal representation or any direct legal services). This is my platform to advocate for others who experience injustice.


Core Legal Support


2285 Andrews Avenue North, Suite 1D

Bronx, NY 10468

Tel:  347-946-4193


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