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  • Theresa Squillacote

When Progressives Discriminate Against Handicapped Individuals... It's a Double Wrong.

Open Message to the Autonomous University of Social Movements, Albany Park Autonomous Center Mexico Solidarity Network, Chicago, IL

Hey folks - you don't get to deny admission to your program because an applicant has a disability. Those days are gone. It's called the Americans with Disabiltiies Act. A mental health issue is a disability. So, what you just did to one of your applicants is arguably illegal. Not to mention that it is also incredibly reactionary. Aren't you were part of a "progressive network?" So if an applicant has a mental health issue, has been completely managing on his own for years, his supervisory authority is ok with him going to Cuba, he makes his own arrangements for mental health care while he is there --- you are still going to deny him because of his "pre-existing condition" and the "difficulty of navigating" the Cuban medical system (one of the best on the planet)? And you actually think that is an OK thing to do? What planet are you on? You're affiliated with University of Massachusetts, aren't you? Or some state system? .Because then you could be subjecting them to liability, too. Oh - and don't you have to get accredited? Something like this would affect your accreditation, too, wouldn't it?

Anyway, I am going to blog about your program every day until you stop discriminating against handicapped people. What you did stinks. Shame on you.

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